Gabby’s missing tooth

Last Sunday morning, while we were busy doing some gardening. We suddenly heard Gabby crying out loud. Blood keep on flowing from her mouth, I just thought that she had bitten her lips that’s why. But upon asking her to open it, I saw that she had lost her incisor tooth and gums are swollen.

Nahulog daw siya sa upuan and tumama and bibig niya na pakagat sa upuan na kahoy. (She fell on a wood bench and she accidentally bitten it). It was such a hard hit to loose her tooth right?!
I immediately gave her a cold water and gargle it until the blood had subsided. Gave her paracetamol for pain reliever and comforted her till she fall asleep. I really pity her. Ang sakit kay mabunutan ng ngipin ng walang anesthesia noh?! Upon waking up, she immediately asked me if the tooth will grow back again. I said yes and asked her not to be too malikot!

Lesson learned:

Ang batang malikot ay nabubungi ang ngipin! (A naughty and clumsy kid looses her tooth!)

She even told me “Mama, kapag sinabi mo na wag malikot, Hindi na ako maglilikot saka makikinig palagi sa’yo. Oh well, let’s see…

After 3 hours….

She was busy again running around the house with Nicco! Oh kids!!!!

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