My Allergy and Weekend TO-Do’s

Just this morning, I brought along with me at the office this so that I will have something to munch in while I’m in front of the computer. I only ate 1 piece when I notice that I am already itching and there were red spots on my hands and by this afternoon it spread all over my arms and face. I immediately went to Mercury drugs to buy the Celesthamine tablet which is anti-allergy medicine. good thing that after an hour, the red spots are starting to disappear and the needle prick feeling is no longer felt.

  • trans-v utrasound again @ 9:00 am
  • pile of laundry
  • weekend review of Gabby’s lessons
  • rest and rest some more…
Good thing the week is over so that I can have more time to sleep and rest… btw HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!

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