Dating 101

Enjoyed this one Vannie. 🙂

let’s talk about the past and our puppy loves shall we? I got inspired to make this meme after making a post on Mitch’s question. Brought me back to a time when everything was so simple.

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1. When was your first kiss and where?

..::.. I was 22 then. where? secret! bwahaha. ..::..

2. When was your first real relationship and how long did it last?

..::.. Relationship with Ian (June 27,2003) and hope it will last till death do us part..::..

3. What age were you allowed to date?

..::.. No formal notice from parents as to when. ahehee ..::..

4. What’s the craziest thing you did (for love) when you were a teenager?

..::.. burning the phone lines too Vannie till wee hours! ..::..

5. How long was your longest relationship and what’s the secret?

..::.. With hubby and still counting, secret? not really a secret but understanding and patience and love of course! 🙂 ..::..

6. How long did you date before you decided to settle down?

..::.. A month, and got pregnant agad> nyahaha ..::..

7. How did you know he was the ONE?

..::.. how? I don’t know, just felt that he is the ONE. ..::..

8. Now, at what age will you allow your kids(s) to date?

..::.. college years I think! ahehe ako nga after college eh! ..::..

9. When it comes to your kids dating, will you be a cool parent or a strict parent?

..::.. A perfect blend of being strict but Cool! ..::..

10. What piece of advice can you give to your child when they start dating?

..::.. Enjoy but never take it too seriously for they might regret it afterwards ..::..

share yours Jane, Em, Alpha, Juliana, Shimumsy and Rocks!

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