your babies favorite toys (the 1sts)

This a long overdue tag from Tet and Ems. thank you girls!

Here are the rules:
Post a photo of your baby with her first ever favorite/comfort toy. Write some details of your fondest memory of your baby and her toy (like what I did below). This will make a good memento when your baby grows up!
Lastly, before you pass this on to six (or more) mommies, don’t forget to add the link to your website/s at the end of the page. I’m sure many moms would love to see your sites, too!


This is Gabby at six mos. she loves to play with the keys and the toy lolly. And she adores tweety before.
Gabby at 9 mos. loves to play with Pooh this time and bangs on her xylophone given by his Ninong Nico.

A more recent photo of Nicco playing with this stack up toys which he fondly calls his “donuts”
They both love to play games together, running around the house is their favorite!
Pics. taken at shangrila last April.

Amelie’s Mom, Ethan Xavier’s Mommy , My Life in this Wonderful World!

Now I’m tagging Shimumsy, Mich, Jane, Alpha and Eds.

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