Love and Hate!

Thanks Wheng for tagging me here!

There are things, ways, or people we can’t stand. There are also things, ways or people we can’t live without and would love to do over and over again or be with forever.List down 5 things you hate and 5 things you love.Then, put the link or links of your blog or blogs in the list.
Tag at least 5 people.

5 Things I HATE!

  • I hate my hair, “palaging mahangin sa labas” look!
  • I hate people who are backstabber
  • I hate pretenders too!
  • I hate inconsiderate people!
  • I hate dirty room!

5 Things I LOVE!

  • I love to sleep!
  • I love to play with my kids!
  • I love to clean though it’s tiring!
  • I love my new bag!
  • I love my new pants! hehehe

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