My hyperactive kids!

No, they don’t have the ADHD disorder! they are just somewhat like any ordinary children who were so physically active. Gabby just recently turned 4 last April 27 and will be in kinder 1 this coming school year. While Nicco is turning 2 this coming May 24 needless to say about the “terrible 2” stages that toddlers are going through.

Just imagine how noisy these kids whenever they play, most especially whenever they take a bath at the same time. As if there was a war going on inside the bathroom and that includes me, couldn’t help but yell for I couldn’t hear myself as they keep on shouting at each other. Scattered toys all over the room and not to mention those tantrums thrown…But then, no matter how tired we were from work for as long as we see them both happy and healthy. We couldn’t ask for more and thank God for bringing them into our life.

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