Love DNA!

Thanks Farah for this Tag! this is rally nice, the result is really me…

Copy here:
1. Take the test – Love Visual DNA
2. Post your result by adding your name (linked to your blog), your love type (linked to your Love DNA result).
3. Tag everybody else!

AggieWarm and Fuzzy 2. TheaWarm and Fuzzy 3. FarahWarm and Fuzzy 4. Dez Warm and Fuzzy

My Results:

About Warm And Fuzzy

The Warm and Fuzzy is someone who’s very down-to-earth when it comes to love. They tend to be pretty realistic about what makes a lifelong partnership work. They understand the value of forging a love based on friendship, respect and shared values. In fact, often their relationships develop out of friendships and their lover tends to be their best friend. Marriage and children are probably central to their life. As far as they’re concerned, a true relationship is one that matures with time and work. But they need to work at keeping that spark of passion alive.

How to love a warm and fuzzy type

Bust out the cashmere blanket. You two are peas in a very cozy pod. If you want a loyal committed life-long love, then this one’s for you.. In fact you might as well start building a porch for your rocking chairs.

Love Notes

– Blow up a copy of their favorite photo and have it specially framed and delivered to them at work.
– Go for a long walk in the park; you know the vibe: flowers in your hair in summer, kicking leaves in autumn…
– Brainstorm baby names and check out estate agents’ windows

You are warm & Fuzzy

take the test Soreal , Andrea, Liz, Mich.

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