What you love most about your partner

Gracie tagged me here. thanks… makes me think of good qualities of my hubby? meron ba?!! meron naman! Nyahaha… For sure he’ll add more kapag nabasa niya to!

=>He’s a great Cook! No doubt he really wants to be a great Chef!
=>Do easily give in our fights!
=>Faithful ( I think so naman as of the moment!) Nyahahaha.
=>thinks of the family’s welfare first, and cuts down on being with his drinking classmates! ( this I’m so very thankful to him! he’s a diabetic that’s why I’m so worried about his health)
=>Funny when he dances! di bagay sumayaw pero bigay na bigay! Nyahaha
=>A very loving Daddy to Gabby & Nicco!
=>Masarap kasama sa Shopping! Kasi kapag mahal, he’ll insist on buying it kahit ayaw ko (Kunyari!) LOL!
=>Sometimes, he’s cuddly baby.
=> he’ll massage my back after a very tiring day! :)

I’m Snagging everyone in my list! Sure each has a good share in this Tag. Mommies, wifeys! Snag this please..

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