Kind Fives Tag

Thank you SoReal

1) List Five things.

List five kind things you do for yourself.
List five kind things you for your closest friend, partner or child.
List five kind things you have done for a stranger.

2) Tag five people.

5 kind things I do for Myself

1.Sleep Early. I usually sleep at aroun 9 p.m 😉 lots of veggies, drink vitamins= from A to Z; centrum ito syempre & Blooms= omega 3 for the heart!

3.I rarely drink soft drinks.

4.treat my hair for a hair spa whenever it gets dull!
Asks Ian to massage me after a tiring day! 🙂

5.Shop all by myself! alone.. i really enjoy this one. LOL!

5 kind things I do for My close friends

1. Console them in times of problems.

2. Tries to give them a sound & more realistic advice.

3. Listen.

4. Be with them whenever they asks for my companionship. be it shopping( Enjoy syempre), movie treat, going to church, or just plain chikahan!

5. Lend money! (this was before, during my single days, but not today anymore! nyahaha. kasi kapos na ko madalas. 🙁

5 kind things you have done for a stranger

1. return a lost cellphone! (Bihira na daw ang katulad ko! hehe. )

2. gave my pasalubong na mini donuts(for my kids sana!) to this little boy making punas my shoes in a jeepney.

3. Answer NICELY whenever a stranger asks for a direction, instead of ignoring them whenever they come my way.

4. Donates used clothings to typhoon victims.

5.returned extra change (Same w/ SoReal)

Tagging this five kind people i know! Ems , Jane , Alpha , Jody , Thet .

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