Blog Hopping

I do really enjoy blog hopping! Before I started blogging, i chanced upon Thets’
When Thet Speaks: blog I was searching something in google i think at that time, i got hooked on her post about salisi gang. then i continued reading her older posts! and then I also read Jane’s My JOYS ! I was really amazed with her blog as i can relate myself with her stories as i am a mother too. enjoyed also how she really take good care of Sophia got some tips also on many things! there started my passion to have my own blog too. As i became a blogger I was able to meet a lot of online friends who were so kind to accomodate my inquiries regarding on putting up a blog. It also feels great whenever someone gives me an award,especially Soreal, gracie, Nancy who never fails to pass an award or tags. and also to Andrea na halos kasabay ko na magstart mag blog and also now into paid blogging! this im also thinking of venturing in- in the near future! LOL! I also learn a lot whenever i Blog hop! seeing others’ opinion & view in different way. Those SAHM Mom & Working Mom’s who find time to blog despite everything. friendships blossoms through blogging, learning a lot from their posts. Seeing their family through their post, You can sense ones moods or emotions on their posts. Oh! What blog hopping can do… 🙂

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