Gift Ideas For Your Geeky Classmates


Welcome back to school year 2023-2024! My eldest has just started her class last week and she’s already 2nd year college while my youngest is yet to go back by next week as a senior high school student. Oh how time flies! As if they were just nursery yesterday, where their dad would take them to school and pick up afterwards in the afternoon. Now they are both on their own to manage going to their class.

I also graduated from covering their notebooks and books with colored papers, labels and plastic covers! Since pandemic, they were used to having online classes. They have adjusted pretty well that they no longer require that much of books and notebooks as they rely on online notes and scribbles! But now that they are back to Face to Face classes again, they are again required to buy some for their school supplies. Another thing is seeing again their teachers and classmates and my son which is yet to see his new would be set of friends.

This the perfect time to give your new friends or classmates the gift they deserve! You would see many of students course wearing their geek outfits since uniforms are not yet available for their sizes, many would be wearing casual and comfy on the early weeks or months of classes.

So it is the perfect time to stock up on those geeks clothing that you can wear all throughout the school year and can really definitely last up to the next school year or more if you really are good in taking care of your clothing!

The geeky t shirts  is a must as it is a staple to many not just for school outfits but of of course for any casual occasion or even for office ootds perfect for that IT nerd coworker who fixes your PC every time it crashes down!

It’s Always Full T-Shirt

Or despite the humid and hot weather we have, you can still see many wearing around Sweatshirts on schools, offices, malls, restaurants and many places. I guess the comfort it brings and the versatile style where you can pair it with any types og bottoms just makes it perfect.

You can check it out for that geeky classmates, officemates, friends, colleagues and teachers, relatives 😉

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