Why We Chose a Brand New Car Over a Used Car

It’s been quite awhile since we had a personal update here. The past 2 years was really quite a whirlwind! Nobody’s prepared when Covid strike the entire universe! Yes, the whole world was affected!

Imagine all the struggles we all went through. Lost lives of our dear ones and how we fought to rise above everything to keep ourselves in the pink of health. We are now coping up in different aspects. Aside from health, our economics hit big time!

I myself were hit and instantly lost my job at the onset of Covid and was given a memo that our account is closing! As we were just living paycheck to paycheck, we are not prepared financially. It means no more access to health benefits and paying the bills and loans are main most concern. Where will I get the funds for all of these?! Glad I was able to utilize my unemployment benefits and we re able to jump off into Freelancing.

Another impact of Covid was getting out, the risk and all of catching the virus. Our government has implemented social distancing in every public transportation and most are restrain from going out aside rom doing the essential transactions like grocery, buying foods and medicines. People that are only allowed to go out are essential workers (with proof like a certificate of employment). That even Pandemic Has Pushed Car Buying Online. Online purchases has been the thing during pandemic.

That’s one major factor that my husband and I decided on if we will be getting a car or not. We have a motorcycle but we also have 2 kids with us. We also needed to decide if we buy a new or used car.

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Factors to consider and differences in buying a new car or a used car

PRICE DIFFERENCE. No doubt that a used car will cost less than a brand new car which usually costs a big chunk!

Dealership usually offers low financing rate through promos. While used cars also good financing options to choose from via banks and other car financing companies

INSURANCE. Brand new car costs high fee in insurance coverage. While used car have lower insurance rates as used cars have already depreciated in value than the brand new. You pay less insurance as it depend on car’s age. But better to always choose with great coverage for protection always.

REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE, WARRANTY. As we look for a family car. I don’t want a hassle of going back and forth to a repair shop to fix things here and there. Brand new cars usually comes with warranty coverage but usually needs to follow pre maintenance check ups every now and then to avoid arising problems as your car gets old.


New cars have better and improved technology, not to mention that aesthetic features that makes you have a better driving experience. But if you are after the classic cars, they are usually offered and only available via used cars market.


After pandemic was the sky rocketing price of fuel. So it is essential that you are calculating your fuel budget to ensure you know how much to allot in your budget plan.

Fuel increase!

This is one major factor that made us decide to buy a new car instead of a used car. New cars are better in fuel mileage. Since this is our first car, we decided to weigh out things and what keeps us to go towards a new car is we need a car asap. Looking to buy on a used car entails more time and research and of course investigate further to ensure we are getting the right one, we also want to avoid the hassle of getting trips on an auto repair shop.

Glad to have avoided all the hassle through But glad we have avoided the hassle through CarPaymentCalculator.net that helped us a lot in making the decision as we were able to save on time and effort through comparisons that are clearly laid out.

We bought our car in Feb 2021, during the heat of pandemic that is and we haven’t got any problems so far with. Pretty happy with the decision as it is very helpful in our grocery, trip to mall and travels around the city and provinces. Looking forward to more travel adventures with our family car.

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