13 Years of Blogging and Online Existence

I could still remember how I started my journey in blogging. I was sitting in front of our office computer just browsing the internet. I was thinking how I could be more productive and earn online when done with my office tasks.

I typed in Google “How to earn money online” I remember being redirected to a personal blog then. I am quite amused how the author have documented her daily life and I landed on a specific blogpost of her explaining how she earned income out of doing her passion for writing. I never really had a thought then of what is blogging all about. I just read her daily updates and it led me to create my very own ‘blog’, I registered to a free domain platform.

See how I hit my first blogpost back then. With all the wrong grammar and improper use of punctuation and not wary on when to use capital letters.

See how it seems like I’m just sending an sms to myself. Haha! I did not edit it to correct as I wanted to see how I fair through the years.

I have gained online friends which I have most met personally and been in touch with them up to this date! Looking back, blogging has been my comfort zone, it also serves as my ‘tracker’ for each of my kids milestones through their growing years. From their toddler years until now that they have fully grown up and in their teenager years.

Back in the day, there are many ways on how you get to find your niche in the so called of blogging and how to increase readership and community to build in order to support each other.

Blog hop, tagging, commenting and exchanging links are just some of the few activities bloggers do in order to increase your blog’s authority, leaving blog links in order for each other to visit and read each others blog as the usual activity that keep blogger’s busy then. Has anyone still remember Entrecard?

I remember paying about $5 to have my entrecard made in order to jibe with my blog’s template then, it’s some sort of your blog’s business card as widget on your blog. Seems like a networking where you get to visit each other and drop your card to them and earn some points and credits which you can use if you want to advertise your blog on other site.

Then comes along the so called blog meme! You get to answer questions and post on your blog and tag along a blogger friend to answer and pass along to others.

One you have ‘established’ your website/blog, you can try to apply to different paid blogging sites where you can earn on the side while blogging. There are a lot of numerous paid blogging sites then. I can name a few and this has been for sometime as source of blogger’s excitement. Then the rise of the black hat and white hat of SEO.

In order for you to get a lot of opportunities, your blog needs to get a good ranking in Google PR (Page rank) Every blogger’s nightmare is getting the 0 for every update. Haha! I think the highest I got then was Google PR 3. Everyone gets excited and proudly post a badge of it in the sidebar ads! Google pagerank 10 would represent only the most authoritative sites on the web. I couldn’t remember who had it then.

It also came to a point where I have lost the ‘ blogging momentum ‘ and would be in a ‘blogging hiatus’ But I would still come back ever once in a while and as I kept to myself that I won;t give up ‘My Life in this Wonderful World’ online.

After more than a decade, blogging has evolved in so many better ways, hence the birth of the Influencers era in the past 3 years (not quite sure exactly when). Then everyone and even bloggers has created their very own ‘Vlog’.

From ‘blogging’ to ‘vlogging’ and everyone has now been raving and creating their own spaces in this new season of online existence. From way back then as known bloggers to becoming now as known influencer such as vlogger and youtuber. The now growth of FB pages, Instagrammers, Tiktokers and the likes!

The engagement of the followers is what really make these influencers paves way to their success. Their dedication to keep up and engage in a way they give their followers benefits of knowledge, products and services. Making them feel not just a typical fan but of the same level of closeness you give to your family and friends.

The more reason I want to keep going and hoping to more years of my existence in this online world we live in now.

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