Fashion Tops

Now that most of us are working from the comfort of our homes, we no longer have to spend too much time and effort in thinking of an outfit to wear to work or office. Any house dress would suffice since you’re just at home. Can even wear sleepwear the entire shift!.

However, we have to at least dress up a bit whenever we have to do video calls and online meetings, especially when the boss are attending 🙂 We have to still do the proper etiquette in wearing the right clothing even if it’s only online. What’s good about it is you can only dress up properly on top part! So I am looking online on where to get womens fashion sweaters that has different designs I can choose from.

Women Solid Color Casual Sweater

Since we can’t go out to go to the malls and shop for clothing like we used to do before the pandemic to observe social distancing, we were all confined at the comfort of our homes and rely a bit more on online shopping. It is very helpful to just buy online and have things delivered right through our doorsteps for our essential needs like food, clothing and medicines. Without compromising on the health risk outside our home.

So I am searching for some more tops online that I can buy and add up to my “work from home outfit”

Casual Tops

I love wearing casual tops that can also be worn during online meeting and still look casual smart by adding up additional accessory like scarves, pins, etc. Not to mention you can just wear house short or pajama on your bottom as it can’t be seen by your co workers in the camera. haha!

Holapick is a great online place that caters to women’s fashion needs in terms of clothing like shirts and dresses. The options are endless and the price is also a great catch with lots of discounts you can avail of.

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