Dress Up and Show Up

It has been more than a month since we were all advised to stay at home to help combat the Pandemic Covid19. I clearly remember how I felt  then when I realised and thought of what’s in store for us. Fear and uncertainty loomed in for a while. More so when we were advised of our last working day. I lost my job. After going through one struggle after another since the beginning of the year, another battle that I need to endure. But this time, it’s not only me, a lot of people are affected, worldwide. 

How do we deal with uncertainty and fear of the unknown?  

Reflect. Process what is happening around, recognize and embrace your feelings.

Acceptance. Identifying the problem and ensuring that I am aware of the issue. There are things that are beyond our control and we need to accept that.

Prepare for possibilities. Find things that motivate you to move forward. Be it  something that you are passionate about or becoming creative or atleast find another thing that keeps you to discover something new and explore other options. 

Be in Control. Find ways to reduce stress and anxiety so you can combat the negativity going a round. Make sure that you practice and observe health and cleanliness to avoid catching the virus. 

Focus. Be mindful of what’s happening and focus on being positive! 

Being positive will definitely lead you to achieving great outcomes. When things have settled and pray that a cure will be discovered soon, things can go back to normal. But for the meantime we have to adapt to the “new normal” .

What’s “new normal” now? We still have to observe social distancing, proper hygiene and wearing of masks in public places, no social gatherings and leisure activities .

I’m pretty sure that most of us are excited to go back to work and at least have the little freedom to still move around so we can achieve and become productive and observe proper caution at the same time. There are some things that we miss on the old norm right? Like the freedom to go out without the fear of catching the virus. Working and interacting with other people.

Simple things like eating out and of course dressing up! Yes. Now that we are confined in our houses, we are just used to wearing  house clothes. I bet most people are also missing attending events wearing sequin metallic dresses on a party night out or a purple dress for any occasion or just a casual day.  When time comes that all things are settled, we can still go back to the same things we used to do and enjoy the leisure activities back and attend social gatherings and you can strut off that elegant dress like the one below.

So if you’re done spring cleaning your closet, now is the perfect time to upgrade your wardrobe and buy new elegant dresses, tops, swimwear and other clothing line at a cheaper price but of quality made materials.

They cater to womens clothing and what’s good is that they have the plus size fashion making it accessible to those who are having a hard time finding the necessary sizes which are usually limited on other online clothing sites with only the usual small, medium and large sizes.

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