My First BPO Experience

This screenshot was taken from my FB Post, 30 September 2019. The effective date of my resignation at work. Looking back, you may check my journey on finding a new work first. šŸ™‚

Working in a BPO industry is not easy like others would regard to this as “Easy Job” There are several factors one has to consider if you wanted to be in this industry. Being a ‘call center agent’ have open me up to new learning experiences.

Being a call center virgin (one who has no experience working prior in a BPO), I am nuisance to terms and jargon in the production floor ( is a placeĀ where agents attendĀ calls), RTM ( Real-time monitoringĀ ) in charge would shout ‘ Dez, ACW one minute! That was very new to me on my first day in the production floor. I was like thinking ” What the heck is ACW?”

ACW is one of the most important responsibilities when working in aĀ call center. It refers to the tasks required from a customer service representative after aĀ callĀ has ended and how long it takes for a representative to complete their post-callĀ tasks

” Huy, auto-in ka na!” a co-worker nudged on me. “Di pa ko tapos mag notes ano ba yan!” …. and so long a lists of terms that I get to know in the floor! Madali lang naman, just GMG! Haha! Kung ano yung GMG? Just check this link: šŸ™‚

What do one expect from being a newbie? Of course, failing stats! Haha! Thanks to my TL (Team Lead/er) who did guide me through our coaching sessions, call listening and of course, finding the root cause on why I keep on failing which is;

  1. Filipinism- English words or phrases resulting from the literal translation of Filipinos of English terms. They may not be necessarily grammatically incorrect but may not be comprehensible to native English speakers.
  2. Voice Diction- is word choice, or the style of speaking that a writer, speaker, or character uses. TheĀ dictionĀ that you use when you speak or write should be matched to purpose or audience.

and one of the most important factor is CONFIDENCE. The way you deliver your spiels will definitely connect you to the person on the other line.

But of course, after failing, you have to level-up. Once you get the hang on how things work around with the process, you start to achieve small accomplishments one after another.

“Top Care Agent, Top Resolution Specialists for the month of…” Those are music to your ears. You get to have certificates, acknowledgement, a clap from fellow agents.. Haha! Kidding, you get incentives as well…

Here are some metrics from my recent account that you need to hit to get the P4P (pay-for-performance/ incentive) Or in agents layman’s term is extra-money, moohla, funds for your kikay-kit, pang rubber shoes, pang starbucks, pang date, pang- Palawan/Cebuana kay Mother-Tita-Tito-Kuya-Ate-Bunso-Lolo-Lola sa province na panay ang kumusta sa’yo pag payday! šŸ™‚

Qualifier for P4P (Pay for Performance)
50 Surveys
95% REL
No second Written Warning

NPS– Net Promoter ScoreĀ®, or NPSĀ®, measures customer experience and predicts business growth. This proven metric transformed the business world and now provides the core measurement for customer experience management programs the world round. Meaning from HERE

AHT is aĀ call centerĀ metricĀ for the average duration of one transaction, typically measured from the customer’s initiation of the call and including any hold time, talk time and related tasks that follow the transaction. AHT is a prime factor when deciding call center staffing levels.Ā  From HERE

(Call Center) QA– Ā is a process that can help ensure customer interactions are aligned with business goals. QA (Quality Assurance) monitoring aims to identify common customer issues, improve customer experience, and help standardize communication processes with customers From HERE

… and one of the most important but most often used and abused metrics madalas eto na lang ang kulang kaya di mo nameet target mo.

RELReliablity (Self explanatory ano po?) Attendance. Kakayahan mong gumising ng madaling araw at pumasok sa tamang oras ng hindi nalelate at gumamit ng Alibis Like ‘ Wala po akong masakyan- walang jeep, bus, taxi, grab,angkas, de-padyak na dumadaan! kanina pa ko naghihintay ng masasakyan like mga 2 hours. šŸ™‚ di nag alarm CP ko, Di ako nagising, wala pong tubig sa amin! Wala na po ako damit masuot kase nasa labahin lahat, Traffic! sa alas dos hanggang alas kwatro ng madaling araw??! Masama pakiramdam like ‘me sakit po kase- asawa/nanay/tatay/tita/tito/si panganay, bunso, gitnang anak/ lolo/lola/ kapatid na babae, kapatid na lalake/ friend na babae/ friend na lalake- friend na LGBT –lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender! Ay meron pa pala, may sakit po kase pet ko na dog/cat/ monkey/ snaaake! as in ahas? need irush sa vet! Nag away po kase kami ng … same characters ng mga may sakit above ?

But sometimes, we just don’t really feel going to work at times. We all have our reasons why we fail at some point in Reliability but we also have to think that we are being paid to work and let’s not judge our superiors or blame them if they are strictly implementing these things because at the end of the day we have to comply and we did amend to it. OR if it is really a serious matter to attend to that needs your absence, so be it. Be absent and just make up on the things you missed next time.

I’ll be missing all the dramas in the production floor – irate customer-irate agent relationship! irate agent-irate team lead relationship, irate team lead-irate manager relationship, irate agent-irate agent relationship. Haha!

But I’ll be leaving you for now with my unforgettable Boboos in the floor!

While on the call….

Me: Is 012345678 your telephone number?!
Customer: Yes.
Me: Is that true????!….
(Ay! is that correct pala dapat!) HAHA!Ā ?

Customer: !@#$%^&%8*( Where is my newspaper?!
Me: I am very sorry to hear….
Customer: I don’t wanna hear your sorry again..$^&#@!#%
Me: Oh, I apologise… (soorry not sorry!)?

Doing an outbound call….
Me: Hi… Can I speak to John?
Customer: This is John speaking…
Me: Ok John, Please be advised that this call is being monitored and recorded for training and quality purposes… I just want to update that the issue is now solved..blah…blah… I’ll be crediting your account… blahh..
Customer: That’s good to hear. Thanks for taking action.. blah..blah..
Me: Ok John! Thank you for calling.. Have I assisted you with your enquiry today?
Customer: Oh wait, I think you are the one who called me right?
Me: Aaah.. Yes. haha! Thank you for taking in my call! (Pahiya onte… ?)

Drama Moments

Customer: “I am 92 years old and reading news is all my happiness now. Why I can’t read the news? Can’t see anything on my iPad..
Me: Uhmm. We’l check…*troubleshoot *troubleshoot…
Me: Is there someone with you right now who can check the device ( the device simply needs reboot)..
Customer: I am living on my own, my kids have a life on their own, I don’t have friends…
ME: …… Awww…

Oh the racists as well…
Customer: I wanted to update my credit card detailsĀ 
Me: Sure…Ā Verified the account… processed update
Me: All Good. Is there anything else?
Customer : Yes, I want you to do my lawn and wash the dishes for me. But you can’t do that right? Your’e too far away.Ā 
Me:Ā  Grrrr…

So there …. Will I go back to taking in calls??? Maybe, who knows!

Friend/Co-worker: “Dez, may opening daw sa account ni ano… Ang laki ng offer.
Me: How much naman yan??
Friend/Co-worker: Asa 30k +++ daw eh. Apply tayo?
Me: Sige, wait. update ko lang resume ko….

(exaggerated na sa amin yung ganito kadami que pero sa ibang center 100 plus calls)

AHOD (All hands on DECK) – Ā instances where there would be a sudden spike on queues, you can tap admins to take in calls for the meantime until the queue stabilizes. In short, bilisan at i-wrap up mo na call mo para maubos na yung call ques at AVAIL na! haha!

AVAIL Definition: Also known as idleĀ time,Ā available timeĀ isĀ timeĀ spent by agents ready and waiting to take calls. In short again, time to make Chika or Chismis to your team mates/ seatmates. ?

I love queuing! Said no one (agent) ever! ?

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