Happy 41st Birthday Daddy!

15 years…

That’s how long we’ve been together.

5,479 days
131,496 hours
7,889,760 minutes
473,385,600 seconds

We had 15 birthdays celebrated together and we had our precious treasures…

Gabby and Nicco

Now you’re 41!

I’m not good in Math, I know. Ginoogle ko lang yung calculations. Haha!

Our love story is another one for the books. We really had nothing when we began and decided to build a family together…

Looking back, I know that our faith in God next to our faith in ourselves have saved us during our trying times.

Prayers has been my weapon every time during our lowest point in life. Hindi naging madaling mahalin ka, pero ikaw yung pinagdasal ko. Alam kong hindi rin naman ako yung gugustuhin mo nung una, pero alam kong ako din yung ipinagdasal mo. So quits lang tayo. Haha!

Everything happens for a reason, we learned a lot and saw how we both matured as we grow into a family.

I’ve been always your critique and sounding board for all your musings. Remember how I listen to your stories abut your friends?! I know them since day one even if I haven’t met them yet.

I’ve been a witness to all of your struggles and proud that you’ve overcome everything.

Thank you for fighting and always not giving up on us.

I know how happy you are for having Gabby and Nicco. They are your answered prayers…  How you long to have a family of your own…  I am happy as well that your dreams have turned into a reality. Your kids are now growing up too fast.

I love you for being a selfless father to your kids. I can always see and feel your happiness whenever you talk about them, how you’d do anything for them… For us,  for the family!

I love you because you never hold grudges to anyone no matter how they’ve done you wrong.

They can say anything against you, but I saw the goodness of your heart  (Though is getting weak lately)

Your childlike attitude towards life… So simple yet so real…

I love how you value friendship and be of help whenever you can, with or without favors in return…

You are our best cook! I see your joy in cooking for others and how you love to see us full and enjoyed the foods you prepared for us…


Thank you and we look forward to celebrating more birthdays in the coming years together…

Happy Birthday and WE LOVE YOU! 

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