5 Kayaking Destinations You Need to Visit

Kayaking is a hugely popular water sport all around the world and luckily for kayaking fanatics there are many gorgeous destinations that are perfect for you to visit with your kayak. From the polar Arctic to the South Pacific, every corner of the world presents the opportunity to go kayaking, however, some are definitely better than others! Here, we are taking you through the five kayaking destination that you need to visit.


Croatia as a tourist destination has been on the rise for the past few years and it is now one of the most popular holiday destinations during the summer. With rocky headlands, beautiful beaches and picturesque ancient towns that can be viewed from the sea, it is not hard to see why this has become such as south after destination to visit. Many kayakers claim this is one destination that you must visit as you can paddle and explore the stretch of stunning blue water between Croatia and Montenegro. There are over 1200 islands in this stretch filled with caves and amazing reefs. Before going, it is important that you make sure you have found the best kayak for a long kayaking adventure as this can really make or break your trip. In their article “the best kayak seats of 2018” Best Kayak Reviews said that a good kayak seat can be the difference between giving up the sport and it being a lifelong pursuit, so ensure you purchase the perfect product for you.


The Caribbean for many people is at the top of their list of places to visit and if you are looking to do some kayaking while you are there, we would definitely recommend heading to Belize and the Belize Barrier Reef in particular. There are over 450 islands dotted around here and what ties them together is the stunning barrier reef. This is the second largest barrier reef on the planet and you will find over 100 types of coral here as well as over 500 species of fish in this underwater world. Go island hopping on your kayak and stop off to enjoy some snorkelling when as you go.


While there are many rules and regulation about tour boat access to the Galapagos National Park, these rules are not in place for kayaks which gives you an up close experience in this amazing environment. The real highlight of kayaking here is the extraordinary wildlife that you will come across including sea lions, giant tortoises and penguins.


Known as the ‘Mexican Galapagos,’ Baja is the stunning coastline of Mexico and the islands that surround it. The amazing tropical waters here are home to a plethora of marine life that cannot be found anywhere else. Paddle around on your kayak for the day before relaxing on one of the gorgeous sandy beaches in the evening to watch the amazing sunset.


Have you ever thought about going kayaking in the Arctic? During the summer months, the Sermilik Fjord waters in Greenland make this possible. This stunning scenery includes hundreds of icebergs and cool wildlife such as seals and whales and really is magical to visit.

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