5 Tips to Avoid Getting Points on Your License

Scoring points is certainly a good thing, but scoring points on your license is the opposite case as it can lead to the revoking of your driver’s license. Additionally, gaining penalty points on your driver’s license could put you in the crosshairs of insurance companies, giving them verifiable grounds to raise your insurance rates. Below are some of the best practices that you can deploy to avoid receiving points on your license.

Be wary!

Severe cases such as drink driving or driving under the influence of drugs are most likely to lead to a driving ban regardless of the penalty points you have on your license. Therefore, avoiding such compromising situations should be a precaution you keep second to none.

Accept a short ban

This might seem strange but in some circumstances, it is worth admitting to a short ban rather than the points. The main reason as to why we avoid points on our licenses is to keep on driving. Accepting a short ban, for example a two-week ban, is fair compared to having the points accrue to such scores that can consequently result in a six months ban.

Contest the penalty points in a court of law

Under most traffic offences that warrant the reward of penalty points on your license such as driving through no entry sign penalty, there are various circumstances that can be brought into account. For example, the state of other road users who might have lead to the commitment of the traffic offence, whether you are a new driver, the state of the road or the weather conditions at the time of driving.

Employing the services of a specialist legal representative with a clear understanding of the system could really add a lot of weight to your defence. A competent Solicitor is also better placed at advising on whether or not you can exceptionally argue your case or plead for alternative forms of punishments rather than the points.

Plead guilty to exceptional circumstances

Judges and Prosecutors are human beings with the ability to understand exceptional circumstances that might have unconsciously led you into a traffic offence. For example, you may have been speeding to get your sick child, wife or friend to the hospital, or you might have gone unnotified of the cancellation of your insurance policy by your insurance company. Such exceptional situations can be exempted from penalty points among other punishments and served with a warning.

Complete a course

Finally, another good substitute to the penalty points apart from accepting a short ban could be completing a course. For example, if you were caught overspeeding, you could find the possibility of taking a speed or traffic cognizance course. Taking a course will not only serve you the benefit of abating the points but also provide you with an avenue for increasing your awareness and making your driving safer. The next time you are caught in between the hurdles of a traffic offence, always remember that there are vast options for avoiding the penalty points.

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