Happy New Year 2018!

So here’s my mandatory blog post to start the year 2018. Haha! Kidding! The year 2017 has taught us all lessons that we learned from. Carry on to this year, we all just wanted to start anew. Good vibes and positivity  only!

DH and I minus the kids. You all know how hard it is to keep the kids sit still to capture that perfect family picture right?! Hahaha!

I started the year right ahead. Went to work early! (Yes, I have shift today!) Even though there was no PUV’s (Public Utility Vehicles)available, DH was kind enough to take the risk to send/ drive (motorcycle)  me off to work. Spend only 5 hours to work, the rest is already allotted for PTOs’ (paid time off). Not bad for  a start this year for work as I only got less than 10 calls and mostly are only emails to work on. Oh well, good luck tomorrow for the queuing! Haha.

I can only wish a good health and may we be able to surpass again whatever challenges we might encounter along as the year 2018 rolls. Of course, we are so looking forward to another year full of hope, good memories to last and cherish again and a fruitful one to enjoy.




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