Hoodies and Dresses For Plus Sized Women

When I started to shift career last two years ago,  I made sure that I set up my goal and make a careful plan as I don’t want to be stuck up again to something that I will regret again later on.

I took into consideration first the proximity as I no longer want to  waste my time on travelling. I used to spend about 1 to 2 hours  on travel time alone. Now, I can get to the office in less than 15 minutes in the morning. 30 minutes going home since it’s quite ‘traffic’ in the afternoon. Second, ‘fare’ budget. I used to spend quite a lot on fare budget alone. But now,  I need not worry about it. Third, Workplace. I used to work in a small space with only two co-worker. Now, I can enjoy interaction with my team mates. We’re 15 in a team and there’s a 3 team in our account. Work area, Now I really need to bring shawl or hoodies everyday because it’s really like working in snowy wonderland. It’s terribly cold as ice oftentimes. Haha!

Good thing I was able to check some cheap hoodies at FashionMia , an online store haven for a plus sized woman like me.

Solid Patch Pocket Drawstring Hoodie

Love the color and the material it is made of. Not to mention that is budget friendly priced at $23.75 USD.

Another is the availability of plus size dress   in their website that never goes out of style.   That I can always do a last minute shopping whenever we need to dress up at the office for different several occasions.

Bowknot Patchwork Hollow Out Plain Plus Size Flared Dress

Above is something I can wear during our client visit as we rarely get the chance to go on formal as we are usually on casual on regular working days.

Glad that FashionMia is a one stop shop for our fashion needs.

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