5 Cooking Equipment Items Everyone Should Own

Cooking is one of the most important and useful skills one must have. Humans need food in order to survive, and cooking is, of course, an essential part of the whole process. While cooking skills vary in difficulty and mastery, one can easily eat well just by learning basic cooking skills. Frying eggs, smoking fish and meat, slicing and cutting onions and other spices to add taste are some of the most basic skills that one can easily learn. However, cooking doesn’t just require skills, tools and other equipment are also necessary for the process. With that in mind, we from¬†http://yourbestkitchen.com/¬†have listed 5 cooking equipment items that everyone should definitely own.

1. Knives

Knives are very important in cooking as many ingredients require them to be cut to smaller pieces in order to cook them properly. Knives are also very important in cutting or slicing onions, tomato, garlic, cucumber and other vegetables that add taste to the dish. While there are many different kinds of knives mainly because of their specialized use. We only recommend 3 knives as the most basic tools in your cooking. One is a utility knife, which will be your everyday knife, from cutting to slicing meat, fish or vegetables. Next on the list is the paring knife, which is for smaller and more precise cutting or slicing, best for fruits, vegetables and other soft ingredients. And lastly is the cleaver, which can be used for heavy and hard ingredients such as bones and hard meat.

2. Cookware

Next on the must have cooking equipment is the cookware. Cookware is where you will be cooking, pots, woks, non-stick frying pans, skillets and other cooking pots. There are many kinds of cookware available in the store – we recommend the stainless steel pots and woks as it will not rust and lighter compared to other materials. As for pans, we strongly recommend non-stick frying pans as you won’t have to deal with ingredients sticking to the pan and ruining your dish. As a side note, when using non-stick frying pans, you also need to use non-stick utensils as using other materials such as metal can scratch the nonstick layer of the pan.

3. Cutting Boards

To make your cutting more efficient and avoid a mess, you will need to have a steady base to do your cutting or slicing. Thus, a cutting board is definitely a must have in your kitchen. There are many types of cutting boards you can choose from. However, it is best if you use cutting boards which are made from wood as they are more natural and has the least risk of having materials that can be harmful.

4. Utensils

Turners, Ladle, Spatula, tongs, serving spoons and forks the basic utensils that you must have in order to properly cook. These utensils will allow you to turn, stir and mix the ingredients in your cooking. Having a kitchen glove can also protect your precious hands from the occasional splashes of hot oil or scratches from sharp objects.

5. Storage Bowls, Plates

And lastly, after you’re done slicing and cutting the ingredients and other pre-cooking steps, you will need some tools to store or set them aside. Thus, you will need storage bowls and plates. Plastic and ceramic storage bowls and plates are the most recommended and popular types. You can use them for any types of ingredients, hot or cold. And for the end part, you will also need the plates to present your dish and prepare it for consuming.

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