Why Wear A ‘Green’ Dress

I am all about fashion and I’m very finicky with the clothes that I wear. This fastidious attitude of mine gets even obvious especially when it comes to wearing of party dresses for different functions and events. I usually go for the sexy and trendy kind, but I also consider the ‘green’ factor as all the gowns I wear should be environment-friendly. This decision intrigued some of my friends and then they asked me, “What difference does it make if you wear an eco-friendly dress or not? How can simple wearing of gowns be beneficial to mother nature anyway?” Well, I tell you now it does make a big difference if you’re going to wear an eco-friendly dress and here’s why:

1. Bright is light to eye and to nature as well – Eco-dresses are usually made with light tropical colors for fashion and function. It is fashionable in the sense that it brings out a lively appeal and it invites positive vibes which can also accentuate the wearer in a more positive way. On the other hand, these colors wear not randomly picked just to introduce a fashion sense to the dress, but this also helps in “cooling” the environment as light colors produces a cooling effect not only to you but also to others who are looking at you as well. These dresses are from TheGreenGuide and I got these from them to help me turn into an environmental ‘cool chic’.

You can find these dresses at 

http://www.thegreenguide.com/weddings-and-events/prom-dresses_c113 and

2. Light colors are in this year – There’s no limit to what you can wear this 2017, so why maximize your play with colors on the dresses that you wear? It’s in, it’s seasonal, and all the more pleasant-looking that all these dresses have turned me into a divine damsel of the evening on all the parties and events I have recently attended into.

3. No synthetic materials – Eco-friendly dresses are 100% guaranteed to be made from all natural materials that are beneficial to the environment. Conventional gowns are usually made from synthetic materials and the production process is more harmful to the ozone layer because of the carbon emissions being produced. So I’d rather don a beautiful nature-friendly gown than wearing something that’s killing the earth softly.

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