5 Awesome Container Store Ideas

Shipping containers can be used for many applications, including accommodation (cabins in the country, affordable residential housing, granny flats in the suburbs, etc.) and stores. In this short article we look at five awesome container store ideas – what kind of store would you use a shipping container for?

  1. Coffee Shop

Shipping container coffee shops are all the rage these days, and not without good reason either. Not only are they relatively inexpensive to purchase, transport and outfit, but they’re also the perfect size for a wide range of locations, including service stations and many more.

We can expect to see many more shipping container coffee shops being set up in years to come, so why not get in first and establish your business in a top location? In addition to machinery transport from Perth’s Reef Group, this reputable company also provides container transportation services, so if you’re establishing a local coffee shop, why not have a shipping container fitted and transported to the site?

  1. Takeaway Restaurant

After coffee shops, takeaway restaurants are probably the next most popular way to use a shipping container. As they’re cheap to purchase and transport on tilt trays, the only real expense here is the kitchen, so it really depends on the kind of kitchen you’re going to install as to the costs involved. However, as most fast food kitchens are quite simple in design, outfitting a kitchen won’t t involve copious amounts of money if you’re specialising in cuisines such as:

  • Mexican (especially simple Tex-Mex dishes)
  • Sushi and simple Japanese foods
  • Hamburgers and (loaded) fries

If you fit shade sails or awnings to the front, you’ll have a cool and shaded area for your guests to eat, one which would make for a lovely setting and attract a lot of clients.

  1. Market Retail Outlet

For a permanent market retail outlet, one which offers high levels of security, what could be better than a shipping container? Expect to see more and more containers used for this purpose in future years.

  1. Property Sales Office

When decked out with a glass front, air conditioning and comfortable furniture, a shipping container is the perfect property sales office. All you need to do is arrange transport from one development to the next and you’ll have the perfect setup to meet with potential homebuyers.

  1. Garden Supplies Store

Blending in perfectly with the surrounding scenery, shipping containers are widely used in garden supplies stores because they’re tough, durable and can be outfitted in many ways. While they’re often used for storage purposes, they can be outfitted with everything that’s required to sell a wide range of garden supplies.

Wow! It’s amazing what shipping containers can be used for these days and it’s also amazing just how affordable it’s become to purchase a container, have it transported by a local transportation company, and have it fitted to your requirements. If you were going into business for yourself, what would you use a shipping container for? What kind of store would you establish? The sky’s the limit!

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