My Journey on Finding a New Work

**This post was written sometime in late January of this year. 2016.

Late last year of 2015, a blow by blow of problems and conflicts have put our faith into test… But with all the all obstacles throw our way, we’ve managed to passed through them although it was really quite challenging. There were lots of tears, bouts of fight, clouds of doubts and the toughest of all was facing our fears.

But despite all the negativity, I am really grateful to the people who showed us love, patience and understanding. It wasn’t really easy to understand our situation and they never did fail on that.

The month of December, we decided to close  (again, for the nth time) the kitchen because I was suppose to work for a Christmas project which unfortunately only lasted for three days. So again, we were financially drain with all the debts and expenses filing up and zero income at all. So I was really keen on looking for a job since the first week of January.

I aim to apply at BPO’s since it was the most convenient in my case. No age limit, high compensation as compared to the “regular jobs” that I’ve been into.  I finally landed on my fourth application!

My first attempt was at Acquire, but sad to say, I failed! I was actually confident and have been conditioning myself  that I was already “in” during the initial process of recruitment. But at the last part of the off shore training, I was turned down! But as I was analysing things, I believed what the trainer who told us (to those who didn’t make it) there are reasons why we didn’t make it. And maybe, the company wasn’t really for me. But I’ve really learned a lot from that first experience of mine.

Moving on, I applied at Sykes the next day, just a couple  of steps away from Acquire. Hahaha! The interviewer this time caught my attention. He’s sporting a long curly hair, tattoos on his both arms, a big hole ear piercing.! He was even listening to a rock song over his laptop  before our interview begins. Yes, he seems more of a rock star rather than a recruiter eh.  But he really handles himself well because he’s an eloquent speaker during our interview. He even gave me the  chance to go back Thursday the following week  after our interview on the condition based on his feedback that I need to work on my voice’s tone because I sound soft spoken and got a few grammar lapses and need to work on my English accent.

But the impatient me couldn’t wait that long so I decided to apply again after that interview. Haha! Also, I didn’t like to three month contractual basis offer and that there’s no government mandatory benefits plus the shifting schedule.

So off I dragged my feet to Convergys! Just a few steps away from the Sykes too! So now, you can imagine and guess where I am located with my applications. Yes, at the haven for call center agents at WCC mandaluyong.

At Convergys, I had to take online exams, interview. I was endorsed to the Time Warner account. Again, after the final interview. I failed! ( I wasn’t able to follow the instructions. It was a role play, CSR-Customer play about offering products etc) I was really hungry at the time so I wasn’t really paying attention any more to the process. I was endorsed again to another account, but I didn’t pushed through with it any more. I just went home straight. It was an exhausting day!

The following week, I applied at Teletech. I felt at ease the first time I set my foot on the place. The OJT’s at the recruitment were all accommodating. Their recruitment hub is clean and comfy! They even have free coffee, chocolates and biscuits for applicants.

The process is somewhat similar to Convergys. I did take the online assessment and exams (quite long!) There was a chat and call simulations, interview ( I passed on the exams because my scores and feedback were written on my resume, that, I saw before the interview). I had to go back the next for the final interview ( to the account that I was endorsed to) and had to take another exam ( an email support type of exam)

I had the job offer in the afternoon, and signed up on my employment contract,etc) Did take on the  medical exam the following day and worked on the pre employment requirements after.

Now, I am just waiting for the call for instructions because we were told that we will start on Feb 8  next week! It’s a Chinese New Year! So I hope my career would be a lucky one for me this time around. OF course, I intend to do  good at work and hope to enjoy it because this will be a new level of experience for me.

I love it because, the workplace is just near, 10-15 minutes away from home, Day Shift schedule, salary wise, it pays more than my previous work! May God bless me more and guide me on my new work. Looking around to meeting more friends too!

** Update

I received a call last Feb 3. Informing me that there will be orientation on Feb 5. ( Yesterday) Our employment contract were given back to us as submitted our pre-employment requirements.  We had our photo session for ID and were given our security badge.

I would officially start on Monday (Feb 8) with the training. What a great way to start the Chinese New Year! Year of  the Monkey! Claiming that it will be lucky one…

I’ll keep you posted with my journey on my new “work life”…

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