The Steps of Hair Bow Tutorial about Hair Extensions

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Generally, nowadays many young ladies are eagerly willing to have a different but attractive hair style, yet it is not easy. Virgin Hair was popular once, for the clip in hair and human hair wigs show the momentum of the young. Yet various styles took the virgin hair down; wigs have been hot, for they are convenient and easy to change. Clip in hair, however, will never last longer than the so called virgin hair like the popular Brazilian hair bundles for their prices.
This time, we are welcoming a new hair style which is both different and attractive; more importantly, it matches any shape of face. To acquire it, you need a long strip or band, Clip-In Hair, and of course, long enough hair. And this is the Remy hair, which is one of the most beautiful hair weave we ever have heard.


   Step one, wash your hair, loose them, and put a mini hair elastics to fix your hair on the top of your head in order and hold it in the location.
Step two, use a little comb stick into your hair and pull this part of hair straight enough, then harass itself on the left side and right side and make it like a bow tie. Fasten it.
Step three, slightly adjust the bun of bow tie. In this step you need to be more carefully, when you adjust it, you need hold the bun with one hand constantly in case it becoming in a mess, another hand to tight the bun and draw out the part of the hair in the edge. After fixing it, take one finger of each hands into the hole one the top of the bun and adjust it as comfortable as possible.
Step four, draw out the tail behind the bun. Remember that the tail is getting out from the space between your head and the bun you created. Then pull the tail up in the direction of the top and harass it in the middle of the bun.
Step five, after harassing the tail in a circle, take a hairpin to fasten it. This step seems pretty easiest, but what should be paid attention to is the location of fixing the tail. I believe most girls would like use a tuck comb or beautiful pin to fix it behind your head.
Step six, this will be the last step, all you need to do is to carry on a final revision of your new hair style and appreciate it in front of the mirror to the top of your bent. Is not it cute?
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