Junior Senior Prom Highlights

Empire V-neck Floor-length Chiffon Beading Prom dresses at PickeDresses

Since my daughter turned grade six this school year, she’s been asking me about JS Prom. I told her it would take three more years before she could experience the said memorable event in her high school life.

We’ve all most went through the same stage aren’t we? I could all remember the excitement and giddy-ness as we prepare for the much awaited prom night.

Well, girls are pretty more excited than boys. Why? Apart from seeing our crushes, we can’t wait to wear and strut off our prom dress and makeups! Those are the sure thing that makes us shine on our Prom night.

Back in the day, choices on the prom dresses that girls can wear are very limited. It is kind of easy for the men’s wear because they got the standard suit for their formal wear. Its pretty much complicated on girl’s part. I remember there are only two colors of preference. One is baby pink color for the Junior Girls and baby blue color for the senior high school girls. 

Looking back at our photos then, our gowns were all fluffy, heavily laced designed and not so comfy to wear. Hahaha! Oh those were the good old days. Not much choice eh! Lol!

Pretty young ladies nowadays are lucky because  there are wide variety of choices when it comes to Prom and formal dresses. 

Take a look at PickeDresses, an online shop based on Canada that are trusted when it comes to prom dress. They got wide range of styles from Short Prom Dresses to Long Prom to semi formal to Formal wear and fancy accessories.


A-line Straps ShortMini Chiffon Ruffles Prom Dresses
A-line Straps ShortMini Chiffon Ruffles Prom Dresses (Back Details)










You’ll definitely bag that Ms. Junior or Ms. Senior of the night title with your elegant picked dress!  

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