I am Still Here Around

(Photo above are kitchen essentials given by my sil for Karol’s kitchen- our not so new home based business 🙂 )

Just very busy around our Kitchen. It has been 3 months since I left my office job of almost 7 years… I have actually no regrets because I am firm and my heart really says I really need to go. Of course, I miss my co-workers there. It became my second home for almost seven years and I am really grateful for all the learning experiences- good or bad! It adds up on my becoming a better version of myself now.

Part of moving on are the risks that  I need to take (make that WE as a family) and letting go  of the regular (weekly) income and benefits ( SSS, Phihealth, Pag-Ibig, etc). But one of the things that I am thankful for is that I no longer need to deal with the travel hullabaloos every morning, being confined in the four corners in our office room and always eagerly waiting for the 5:30 pm logging out time. Haha!

It has also been three months of me getting a hang on working from home, it actually doesn’t really sound as relaxing as it is because busyness became part of our daily routine. Ian woke up as early as 4 am to do the marketing while I do attend to the kids’s needs as they both need to be in school before 7 in the morning. After sending them both to school, Ian and I work around, he does all the cooking while I do help in preparations and washing  the dishes. We would take our lunch around 1 pm, that’s when lunch is done by most of our customers ( usually office workers and neighbors). Things were light in the afternoon till the evening, but that is the time when we could feel the heaviness caused by the morning rush. Ian would take his nap while I do some of the washing or vice versa.

I usually call it a night around 9 pm and go straight to my bed, whenever I try  to go online, my eyes can’t take it anymore most probably telling me it’s time to shutdown (both the PC and my mind). So blogging has taken a backseat, not that I really don’t have time but I really chose not to blog about some of the happenings and events in my life. But they are instill in my mind, very clearly that is!

We are still in the process of growing, part of it is failure and victory. Part of growing is learning along the way, so we are still in the process of trial and error. We’ve encountered a lot of realizations, there are wrong and good moves, there are even times that we feel like giving up. But we just can’t. Because as of now, this is our bread and butter. We have to  rise and face all the struggles and obstacles along the way. As I have always say to myself, Keep the Faith! There are times that I am in the midst of doubts for myself and my faith, but I know God truly understands how I feel and I would often be humbled how he works around to prove things for me.

This year is set to unfold, and  we are still working things around to get better. Well, it’s only the 4th day of December,  I still do believe in miracles and I am actually praying for it. We need one… God will provide one.

Another thing, I have some photos of our Binondo walk that I really am eager to share. I hope that time would permit me to do so. haha!  I miss my blog… Really! I hope I can do this again more often. 🙂


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