Blogging Again …

I know I’ve been MIA for quite sometime in all of my blogs. I am having a “quite time” offline. I know whining will do no good for me nor to the people around me. Silence and lots of prayers. 🙂

“The more you despair, the more you will be unhappy” . It just struck me as I read that line in one of the letters of the late Secretary Robredo to her eldest daughter Aika giving advice on “career issues”.  I have been lately in despair with my work, not that I have issues with the work itself nor with my employers and co-workers (as they have been all good and ok to work around with) but the way I see myself being in my position for a couple of years more.

I am in my late 30’s now and felt like I am just a newly grad in my early 20’s finding what’s really in store for me and for my “ future” , ok let me rephrase that including now my “ family’s future” . I am still not losing hope, so I stop being in despair with work now.

I am on my way to the 7th year anniversary with my current work, and I guess I am having the so called  “seven year itch” term just like in marriage?! Haha! Seriously, I just have came to the realization that somewhere and somehow, we all do need to move on. I have given myself seven long years and I am so grateful and thankful for all the experiences and lesson learned from my work.

My kids are growing and so are the many needs and wants for the family, so I have to keep my options open to earn more to keep up with our finances. Sadly, my current salary can’t keep with growing expenses. I need to find a better paying job?! or create my own business perhaps. That I  think I have to grab whatever comes first.

But things doesn’t come easy, I had many bouts of being turned down and many broken-hearting episodes in between as I took the challenge of finding what’s really in store for me in my so called “career searching journey”.

For now , I am thankful still that I have a work. There are just millions of unemployed people around. I need to work and do my job as I am being paid for it.  I know in God’s will and proper time, things will happen and fall in proper places.

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