Appliance Maintenance: Caring for a Trash Compactor

A trash compactor is great at helping you save space in your garbage. However, because it deals with trash, it can get dirty and stinky. Maintaining your trash compactor can not only reduce your need for appliance repair in Sterling Heights, but it can also make being in the area more enjoyable. Take care of your trash compactor to help it last longer and stop the unnecessary spread of germs.

Trash Compactor Maintenance

You should clean out the compactor about once a month. After you remove a bag of trash, use an anti-bacterial cleaner to wipe down the compactor. If anything falls down into the compactor when you are taking bags out, pull it out right away. Get rid of anything stuck to the inside of the compactor. You should wipe down the exterior as well, since germs can spread quickly.

A trash compactor is a great place for bacteria to grow, since food is put inside and is often left inside for a while. If you do not keep up with maintaining it, the bacteria will continue to grow inside and spread. This is dangerous for your family. Deodorizing the compactor can get rid of unpleasant smells and stop the growth of bacteria. Be sure to use a deodorant that will fight bacteria. If you want it to have a scent, that is up to you.

If your trash compactor has a filter, you will need to change it out occasionally. Look at your owner’s manual for instructions on the appropriate filter and how often it should be changed out. Keep track of when you change it out so that you always get it done on time.

Trash Compactor Safety

A trash compactor is made to be safe, but it is your job to ensure no one is hurt around it. Teach children that they should not mess with it, especially when it is in the middle of compacting. If you notice that the trash compactor is not working, do not continue to use it or try to fix it yourself. Doing this can result in even more damage to the compactor, and you can actually put yourself in danger by messing with the components when you do not fully understand them. Instead, you should call for appliance repair  A professional will look at your compactor to determine what is wrong and what should be done to fix it.

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