Dreamed Of My Father

My mind was pre-occupied with so many thoughts and ideas about things that I really wanted to do  the past few weeks and really needs an ample time for some decision making. Things aren’t working out well again for our family’s finances.

The kids’ educational expenses need to be cleared out very soon as they approach their 3rd Trimester examinations the first week of March, so I am really hoping against hope and is  really praying hard that we may be able to surpass this not so new financial struggle that we are currently facing. I believe in God’s divine providence. He did  prove it to me in so many ways already.

Also, I am praying hard for another job opportunity that I am trying to take my chances in. I am really crossing my fingers for a positive result this week. Moving on, that’s what I really need to do with my current work. I’ve been here for about seven years and I am grateful for all the help and things that I have learned from this job. But I think it’s time for me to find another one. A new working environment and a salary that would at least suffice for our daily expenses.

Last night,  I dreamed of my father. He brought me “Laing”, an indigenous food in Bicol that my parents sell at the market and have been the source of income for the family. He said ” Oh, eto na yung Laing mo” in a filled big kaldero that we used for our paninda. I said ” ang “bilis mo ah” but I couldn’t remember anymore his response. All I could remember is seeing his face, the one during his good younger years. Then I was looking at him as he walked away, trying to remember his face. I don’t know what it means, maybe because  miss him. 🙁

I felt good when I woke up. I miss my Tatay, the good old days that we had as a father and daughter, how he used to be my art projects maker during my Elementary and High school days. Also, he’s the one whom I bug whenever I want to have a new haircut! haha! He does the “siete” cut on me when I was in grade five. LOL! he would trim my hair whenever I feel like it.

” We miss you Tatay! I know that you are still praying a looking down on us for guidance” I hope that you are as happy as I saw you in my dreams!

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