Hello November!

Hi guys! Been slacking with updates on my blogs. I did take the 3 days long weekend vacation to catch up with my offline activities- general cleaning the room,  laundry  and all the household chores that is! 🙂 Also, lazing around and staying more time in bed to either sleep or watch TV with the kids, because I wasn’t able to do so the last long weekend due to having Flu again! Also, the little boy catch the cold virus too! But he’s feeling alot more better now.

We didn’t go anywhere for any Halloween activities, aside from a trip to the salon for the little boy’s needed haircut and my scheduled pedicure session. lol! We were just at home, boring I know! It’s DH turn to get sick this time around last November 1, he was having a bad cough, achy chest whenever he coughs

I just really hope that the sickness bug in the family goes away soon! Here’s hoping to a better holiday season and a blast filled with positivity year ender for all of us!

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