Weekend Delight

Finally, the weekend is here! As always, I do look forward to Saturdays and Sundays where I don’t have to go to the office. If there’s one thing that I like with my work schedule, that is only having to deal with the five day work schedule from Monday to Friday. I used to have a Saturday schedule in my previous work and I could say that it is really quite tiring. Considering that I have toddler then, I really have to adjust and it really is exhausting for me.

Imagine only having one day for rest and you really can’t actually call it a rest day because you have to attend house chores- a pile of laundry, ironing and a lot of cleaning to do. But  with my daily activities now, I don’t really think I have a rest day eh. I guess that goes with a lot of fellow moms out there. You are on duty 27/7 🙂

I’ll be meeting up some friends later today, friends that I met “online” a few years back and we’ve been seeing each other every once in awhile whenever Tere would flew from Davao.  A great break from the daily monotony of a mom’s schedule. I am pretty sure that there’s a lot of catching up to do. DH suggested that I give them something special on our meet up. You see, DH is more sweet than I am. Haha!

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