Aloha Hawaii!

Here’s what I got as an addition to our growing keychains collection

keychains from Hawaii

Souvenirs from Hawaii (Hawaii Island Shirt and Keychains)

souvenirs from Hawaii

Ate Irma sent us a box of goodies over last week, it includes presents from their recent trip to Hawaii late last July. The usual, we got packed treats, shirts, sweets, kid’s vitamins and DH’s medical supplies.

vitamins and medicines

(Blackmores Macu-Vision and sugar balance, Centrum for Adults and Kids, Nature’s own fish oil supplement, Cenovis garlic supplement, Accu-Check Performa Glucose test strips)

What are the kids up to over the long weekend?

Cartoon marathon and a messy toys around the room! Been hearing non stop the minions song from the little boy too.. I’ve had so much from this. I don’t really know how many times they’ve watched this last weekend. Ahaha!

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