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One of the best part of traveling is being able to see and discover historical places, experiencing different cultures and tradition. Some travelers have this certain passion for “wine experience” in every country/ places that they visit. When husband went to Australia last 2011, he was able to visit different wineries and do wine tasting with his sibling. He vowed to do this again on his next trip with me of course! 🙂

For a more detailed and better experience in finding and discovering wineries and vineyards around the globe, checking out, an interactive travel map that allows consumers to discover, learn and interact with wineries, vineyards, wine bars and events around the world is the best thing to do. We will definitely be needing this on our next wine experience and I just can’t wait!


The best thing about is that they got an app that you can download on your Smartphone for you to be able to plan and discover wineries, vineyards and winebars for your activity.

They are on beta stage, so take advantage on signing up on their newsletter and be the first few to get an invite here for more wineries and vineyards enjoyable experience for you.


winemap app

Check out an interview on how WineMaps helps wine lovers find wineries and wine

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