Bedrooms Even Teenage Boys Will Appreciate

Children are staying with their parents well into their twenties these days. It costs a lot of money to move out and many choose to remain in the family home until they have saved enough money to raise a deposit for a new home or until they feel ready to take on such a huge financial outgoing such as rent. When decorating for an older teenager you need to make sure it will meet their requirements well into their twenties.

By decorating the space well you can ensure the room will give your child and you the space that they need within the family home. Here are some useful tips that will grow as your child does and keep them happy until they are ready to fly the nest.

Start with the Colour

If you haven’t decorated the space in a long time the colour is bound to be outdated, shabby and in need of an update. You will want to pick the colour carefully so your teenager will not feel embarrassed to bring friends back and to ensure they enjoy spending time in the space. Great colours to consider are greys, navy blues and greens. You don’t want the space to be dark and depressing so use the darker colours sparingly, perhaps only painting one wall dark and keeping the others in a pale grey.

Space for Everything

Storage is something you need to get right. You must think about clothing as well as school or work equipment, collectables, magazines, CDs, Games and anything else your son may hoard. Add plenty of storage furniture such as cupboards, wardrobes and sideboards. If space is an issue make the most of the vertical space in the room and add shelving and wall mounted cabinets. Buy pieces of furniture with double usages – beds with drawers and ottomans that can serve as seats as well as providing storage room are ideal.

Soundproofing for the Sake of Everyone in the House (Not to Mention the Neighbours)

Sound proofing the room may seem like a lot of hassle but it will be worth it. Teenagers and young adults often stay up late into the night and the last thing you will want is to hear the constant grone of the television or music beats while you are trying to sleep. Look into sound proofing the room by contacting local contractors; you might be surprised at how cheap it is.

Buy Sensibly

If you buy furniture well it will be suitable for your grown up child to take with them when they do make the move to their own apartment. Buy furniture that they like, let them make the decision but give some guidance. You can find contemporary furniture that will look amazing in the home, serve a purpose and be ideal for a bachelor pad by checking out Custom Furniture Johannesburg. Custom made items will not only look incredible they will also be perfectly suited to the space that is currently available in the bedroom.

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