Australian Souvenirs and Collectibles

I have this long overdue PB (photo book) project that I really want to start with and finish as soon as possible to avail free credits in Artscow. The husband went to Australia two years ago and he filled our 4GB memory card with tons of photo memories from that trip πŸ™‚

I am not yet done sorting out which ones to be used and the theme that will go with it, but I have started scanning out materials that I’ll be needing in addition with the other photos.

Here are some of the Australian souvenirs and collectibles that Ian got from the trip!

A souvenir passport on their entrance to the Featherdale Wildlife Park


It got stamps of the different animals that they have visited inside the park. :) 

Scan0016 It’s so nice too that they allow feeding and personal interaction with the animals there. 


His National Capital Passport, also stamped and marked that they visited the Parliament House, Royal Australian Min Dollar, Australian War Memorial and many more.



P1080959 Scan0020


Coin Collectibles




 Ref Magnets

They got souvenir ref magnets when they went to Snowy Mountain, Thredbo


Australian Money Bills

Disclaimer: these are not real money bills πŸ˜€ This is the back part of a souvenir notepad. Ahaha!

AUD $100, $50


AUD $20, $10, $5


I still got a few more scanned photos to share. But that deserves another post πŸ™‚

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