Thankful and Grateful

We woke up early today to attend and hear mass for the First Sunday of the month (May). All the May celebrants are asked to go near the altar to get blessings and well wishes before the mass ends. Since it is the birthday month of Nicco, he got blessed and told me “ binasa ako ng tubig” ng pari. Haha!

We had Arroz Caldo with Tofu for breakfast. The weather still is scorching hot as the previous days, so I am really taking advantage to finish all of my writing task while the a/c is on! because I can’t really sit in front of the computer working for a long period of time with only the electric fan on. I am so looking forward for the hot weather to end soon.

I am also thankful and grateful that we were able to surpass another challenge. God really provides!  Now that both of the kids will be going to the same school and that would mean more expenses. Ian and I were looking for other opportunities where we could earn more.

Since my salary from my regular day job and online gig are not enough, we are thinking of venturing into a small business. We are praying for God’s guidance on this. I might be resigning to help him around (in which I really don’t mind) or I might look for another job that doesn’t really eat up most of my time for travel alone. Or much better if I can work from home.

For now, I just let things flow. God willing, things will fall into proper places.

Holding on and Keeping the Faith will help us go through in all these things.

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