First of May Happenings

The month of April is a roller coaster ride for me, I don’t really know how I am able to cope up with all the turn of events. I just feel like going with the flow, closed my eyes and felt the rush of things around me.

My thoughts were filled with fear and doubts that I am close to giving up, I am so thankful that people around me were kind enough to understand what I am going through.

Last April 9 my father passed away and I came to realized how short life is, you just a see person one time and in a snap of time, he’s gone. Only memories are there to remember, and we’re all thankful that it was a happy and full of love.

Catching up is what I do now.

For the first of May, it’s all about LIFE.

  • Gia (Ian’s niece) just gave birth to Xie wei, a healthy baby boy as cute as his older borther Xian :)  
  • Birthday of Kuya Ivan (Ian’s older brother)
  • Holiday (Labor Day) means no office work today! Yey! haha!
  • Today is the feast day of St. Joseph, The worker and it’s our town’s fiesta!

Work wise, I got some writing to-do’s and I am happy =) I am crossing my fingers that there’s more to come. I am saving up for the kid’s tuition fee and their other educational expenses.

So, Hello May! Please be good to us! 😉

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