She Just Turned 9!

gabby @ 9

… Yesterday, April 27. We just stayed home on her birthday. Ian did prepare baked macaroni while Ate Irene gave her chocolate swirls and twirls cupcakes. Her cousin Ate Lalen and Dwyane came over to personally greet and surprise her a birthday gift. They brought Ube flavored roll cake for her and a Hello Kitty pencil case! 

Dear Gabby,

Time and again, we won’t get tired of giving thanks to God for bringing you into our lives. With the way things are going, from that “ I love you” Barney song when you were still little to now, “Neseye ne eng lehet” song that I heard you singing :D  You will still remain our little baby girl.

Just always remember that we are here to support and guide you.


Daddy, Mama & Nicco 😉

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