Hope and Prayer

I was asked to go straight to our accountant’s office first thing in the morning last Friday before heading straight to the office to submit some documents. Their office building is just right in front of the Sta. Cruz church.

So I did grab the chance to pass by and lighted  candles before heading to the office.

hope and prayer

It has been ten long years since I pass by the church. I remember I was really so down and low when I last went there. It felt good and light after praying to say thank you and asked for HIS guidance.

Two lighted candle for HOPE and GRATITUDE.

Hope. For my myself, family, relatives, work, friends. For good health and finances. For protection and keeping us always safe and away from harm.

Gratitude. For all the blessings that God has bestowed upon me, my family, relatives, work (online and offline) and friends. For always saving me especially those times I feel being alone and lonely and constantly reminding me that HE is always right beside me come what may.

“The POWER OF PRAYER” …. Believe!

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