Top 7 Gift Ideas for Grandmothers

Many grandmothers have received so many wonderful things during their life time, that it is often hard to select a gift for them. Over the years they would have received all types of perfumes, nighties and jewellery. You can only use so much of these! Grandmothers treasure gifts that come from the heart; anything handmade or chosen with thought and love. If your grandmother has everything, why not treat her to a little self-indulgence? After all, she has probably gone without luxuries in order to provide for her family. Now is the time to repay her devotion and kindness by treating to her to some of life’s indulgent pleasures.

Luxury treatments

Most women of grandmother’s age would never have had a day at a spa or a facial or massage. You could book her in for a treatment, arrange transport and catch up for a coffee afterwards to hear all about it. You are never too old to start beauty treatment!


Your grandmother probably wears three rings on each finger and has a jewellery box overflowing with assorted costume jewellery pieces. Why not bring her up to date with some inspirational jewellery. You can order necklaces in various shapes stamped with the names of her grandchildren. They are modern pieces that look very elegant. You can also purchase inspirational bangles, rings and necklaces pre-printed with meaningful verses.

For a bit of adventure

Many grandmothers are very outgoing & decide to be daring and try something adventurous. A sunrise hot air balloon ride or a ride as a pillion passenger on a Harley Davidson motorbike might be just the thing for your granny. Don’t forget the leather jacket!

Gifts from the younger children

Grandmothers will love and treasure anything handmade. Let your little one start by making a card and then progress to the gift. Get out the hard modelling clay & make a small trinket bowl, paint a picture and frame it or a pasta necklace would be just the thing for grandma to wear to the local club.


If you are finding it extremely hard to choose a gift, why not get her movie vouchers or shopping vouchers. She will be able to have a leisurely browse through the stores to make her selection.

A limo ride

The chances are grandmother has never been in a limo. She has seen pictures of limos transporting the movie stars, so why not make her feel like one. Organise it so that a few of her friends can go with her. There doesn’t have to be a destination, the chauffer will simply drive around for an hour. With her kind of music playing in the limo and drinks at hand, she will feel like she has walked the red carpet.

Personalised Gifts

Raid grandma’s photos and select pictures that are meaningful. Have these transferred onto mugs, into photo books or on to tote bags and you will be presenting her with a range of personalised gifts that she will treasure.

So don’t despair for gift ideas. Grandmothers will love anything. As they age, they really don’t expect a lot, but be kind and perhaps, for a practical gift, update her appliances to make life a little easier. Even a colourful fragrant bunch of flowers will light up her face.

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