School Holiday Break

Finally, the kids are now on their holiday break. Earlier this morning was the Christmas party of the little boy, he recited a poem together with some of his classmates entitled “What a Wonderful World” He was wearing a Chinese costume for the theme. 🙂

He was shy to pose for me when I told him that I’ll take a snap of him wearing his costume. 🙂



Photo below is their performance on stage reciting the poem.


I took a half day off from work to be able to see and join him on their Christmas party together with Daddy and Ate Gab.

He got coloring materials, water color, modelling clay and glue stick from their exchange gift. He was quite disappointed upon seeing his gift because he was expecting to receive a toy :D  


While Ate Gabby received erasable crayons, wallets, ballpen and a rabbit coin bank 🙂

I am glad that they are now on vacation so I can take a little breather every morning without rushing things out on our early morning routine.

As for my work schedule, we still have until this Friday. i was even telling/ kidding my co-worker that we still got a work on the day of the end of the world. LOL!

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