Christmas 2012

Christmas is a day of meaning and traditions, a special day spent in the warm circle of family and friends.
~ Margaret Thatcher

As always, we had a fun-filled Christmas. Despite having a fever on the Christmas eve, the little boy he manage to get all of his gifts come the opening time. He and his Ate were so looking forward to seeing their gifts from their Tita Irma.

Our Christmas Cake made by Ate Irene

Christmas Cake 2012

We had beef pot roast, carbonara, red sauce spaghetti, grilled pork, fruit and vegetable salad, donuts for the Christmas dinner.


Christmas Eve

Ate Gabby’s Gift from their Tita Irma


The little boy’s loots


We visited some relatives on the day itself to meet and greet them. We went to my parents place in the morning and to Ian’s side of the family in the afternoon. Gabby went around to visit her Godparents (our neighbors) to greet them  when we arrived home. All of them gave her cash gifts.

She was happy to put on coins on her Bunny bank the she got from their Christmas party in school.



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