Work/ Bedroom Inspiration


After a tiring work schedule from my day job, I always look forward to hitting the bed to take some rest when I get home and I still need to work with some of my online tasks after dinner and rest at night. Juggling my time with my day job and attending to mommy duties, online activities requires some wise time management to deliver on all of them.

I think this kind of bedroom slash office slash work set-up works for me 🙂 I could take a break in between working to lay in bed when my back hurts. Oops, but I guess this won’t work for those who easily falls asleep eh. 😀 That’s how I manage to keep my working schedule works for me.

When things seems not working like I’ve been staring on the PC for more than a couple of hours with only two sentences in my Windows Live Writer draft, I shut off the PC and get off to sleep. Set the alarm clock to wake me up at certain time and I’m good to go again refreshed from a nap or sleep.

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