Hello October!

I am looking forward to a lot of positive things to happen this month. Yes, so much for the negativity that we had the past months and I am more keen on handling things lighter and put some more trust in myself and to those people I love around me :)We’re also looking forward to Ian’s birthday on the 28th. We’ll be probably going out to eat, just the four of us. A thankful celebration for another healthy year ahead of him.

It will also be a busy month for the little girl in the school, I just read their school diary and saw all the activities that they will be having for this month. Extra curricular activities and more study lessons still. They were done with the educational field trip last weekend, I will share some of the photos that I took during the activity. It’s about science and history this time for their field trip.

As for the little boy, he’s looking forward to seeing tooth fairy’s gift under the pillow again because another upper front tooth is wiggly :). I am thankful that both kids didn’t get sick and in their pink of health for the past couple of months and hoping that it goes the same for the coming months as well.


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