On Driving and Responsibility

If everything comes your way, you are in the wrong lane.  ~Author Unknown

Driving is not just like riding a bump car in a theme park where you can just typically go anyway you want with somebody looking and guiding you whenever you bump into another car or crushed into the wall. It comes with responsibility of taking care of your own life and that of your passenger’s life.

We all do heard of the news about road related problems and most of them involved a reckless driving scenario. Either the driver of car is drunk or he’ll insist that the other driver is the one who is drunk. LOL! But seriously, we all should know our own limitations and should follow the rules of traffic. It’s a simple as that. Giving way to fellow motorist should be observe but some do people fail because they are too selfish to be considerate to other motorist. Everyone wants to go ahead of the others.

But of course, there are still responsible drivers out there who still follow the rules and are a good example of a responsible motorist. The one who knows very well the driving do’s and don’ts!

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