DS Kinder-1 Educational Field Trip Part 4: Seri-Fantasy Island

The final and last part of dear son’s educational field trip.

Fourth stop: Seri-Fantasy Island

Location:  2nd Flr. Manila Ocean Park, Behind Quirino Grandstand, Luneta Park, Manila.

Contact Nos. 5599563, 6228253

The place was the highlight for the kids as they really got to enjoy the place. But we have to line up and wait a little longer than the usual since there were lots of other kids from different school who are also having their field trip.

I was not able to share here photos inside the mirror maze because all of them are blurry. Ahahaha! I don’t know to set the camera for the dark/dim light surroundings.


We first went to the 3D cinema plus and we were given this 3D eyewear to fully enjoy the the movie. My son wants to take home the 3D eyewear.LOL. Kids were screaming while watching as we watched those eye popping characters that really looks larger than life behind our 3dD glasses.



Then off we went to the Kid’s Paradise, kids had really enjoyed all the toys, jungle play pen and those mini houses. They were given a few minutes to play around.



Kids were so amazed with the 3D Art painting. Those paintings that gives an optical illusion.

There are sample photos as your guide to capture a nice pose shots from these 3Dpainitngs.

My son had fun and is very game to have his pictures taken with these nice real looking art paintings.









We were given these free bag tags by their teacher inside the bus on our way home.


Another fun way to learn new things away from the four corners of the school room. A great time for bonding moment between me and my son too! We still got another Filed trip to attend next year year when he turn Kinder 2. We’re so looking forward to it.

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