Kids School Updates

Time flies and we’re already on the third month of the year, not to mention that summer has officially kicked in too! The very hot weather was too much to bear with, especially that my work entails going out of the office once in awhile to run for some errands. I just need to buy sun screen protection lotion for my skin.

On the other note, kids will have their final examination by next week. Dear daughter will be having an early school break by March 15 while the little boy will be having their moving up day on March 26. So it will be a hectic week with all the reviewing of lessons by next week. I am rushing a few tasks so I’ll be able to help my daughter in reviewing tomorrow for her exams. I am also happy to note that DS has been able to read a few word already on his own. His handwriting has also improved a lot. We all can’t wait for the school year to be over to relax a bit after a tiring and busy school days. Looking forward to enjoy playing around with the sand and beach with the whole family by April!

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