Looking Back at 2011

I am going over at my previous posts since January of 2011, trying to recall how things went through for us. I just noticed the decrease in number of my blog entries this year unlike in 2010. It only means that there is a slow down on my online gigs and income. But nevertheless, we were able to manage despite the slow down. It may be hard for us at times, but God provides and never failed to hear my prayers. 🙂

Summing up the highlights and important activities that I had featured in this blog. 

  • Nicco’s Educational Field Trip in January
  • My birthday in February
  • Little boy’s Moving Up Day
  • Gabby’s 7th Birthday in April- I was not able to make an entry of her party details. But get to share some photos through meme entries.
  • Nicco’s 5th Birthday in May- I feel so sad during that time because we can’t even buy him a birthday cake. But he said he love the fruit salad and fried chicken that Daddy made for him.
  • Some low times we experienced in June, with DH getting sick and us being broke.
  • My school kids growing up really fast
  • DH’s trip to Australia for a month (July) for a vacation and sibling reunion.
  • DD’s Field Demo-It is canceled in September due to typhoon Quiel and finally pushed through in October. They bagged the first prize with their waka-waka dance performance.
  • DD’s Educational Field Trip (grade 2) last November.
  • I had a terrible flu on the first week of December and we were caught again with financial problems. Everything turned out fine in the second and third week and we were able pay all our debts by then. 🙂 Kids had a great time during Christmas and were so happy with all the Christmas gifts that they received.

There were some heartbreaking stories caused by the natural calamities and have taken lives of the many people like Japan earthquake. Here in our country,mosr fellow countrymen had to struggle with typhoons Pedring, Quiel and recently Sendong.

With all of the ups and down that we have experienced this year, we are grateful for the gift of life and for keeping us healthy, safe and away from harm always. I really thank God for his loving grace, blessings and protection that he bestowed on us. To God be the Glory!

Goodbye 2011.. Hello 2012! Hoping for a bright and blessings-filled year ahead of us all!

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